Challenge Stats

GO! Challenge

In the two years since the Biggest Loser, Adam and I have discovered that the secret for us to maintain our weight loss is to continue to seek a challenge with our fitness regimen. Those that followed us last year during our "2,010 in 2010" Challenge remember that we attempted to complete 2,010 miles of running, biking, walking, and swimming.  In 2011, we are taking it up a notch...

During our "2,010 in 2010 Challenge", we logged a total of 1,583 MILES!!! Although we were just shy of our goal, we realized that making the commitment was more important.  With that...we hope you will join us for one of several challenges we hope to pose this year!


Challenge 1: 2,000,011 Steps in 2011

Strap on your pedometer and track your steps with us all year to reach the goal of 2,000,011! Be creative and explore different ways to get more steps in each day!

Post your steps on our Facebook Page and you just might win a great prize!

Stacey's Personal Challenge: "Tri" 11 in '11

Stacey completed 5 triathlons in 2010 within 5 months...So she has decided up the ante just a bit with adding 6 more races to the goal for 2011.  What's best is that she will be training to complete a HALF IRONMAN in September!!!

Check out the Race page to see what other races she will be doing this year!